The Present


In December 2010 the band was renamed Clonakilty Brass Band to give it recognition with Clonakilty town, which is steeped in musical history. It also gives the band immediate identity and its players are now instantly recognisable as musical ambassadors from Clonakilty.

  Clonakilty Brass Band currently consists of 35 members in the senior band (8 adults  & 27 aged 10 – 17 years) , 10 members in the junior band and 10 beginners (between ages 8-12 years).

 The Band's musical director since its re-launch in 1998 is Mr. Gerard Condon, who is also the VEC music teacher for all of the band’s beginners. He is a full time music teacher with the VEC based at the community college and band room. The profile of the band has been raised quite considerably over the last few years and so also has the interest by young people in learning to play brass instruments.