The Eighties

The inaugural meeting of Clonakilty Brass Band (formerly St. Patrick's Brass Band) was held in O'Donovan's Hotel, Pearse St. Clonakilty on Thursday 15th April 1982. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Brawney Wycherly, Ring, Clonakilty.  The name St. Patrick's Brass Band was chosen because a Brass Band of the same name existed in Clonakilty in the early and middle 20th Century. The original band had been formed in 1900s.


In 1984 St. Patrick's Brass Band received an invitation from the Brass Band of Musikverein Waldaschaff in Bavaria, Germany to visit and take part in their annual concert. This turned out to be an outstanding success and many friendships developed, which resulted in a number of Irish people securing employment in Germany. This subsequently evolved into the successful twinning of both towns, which continues to prosper to this day.